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I am Demi and I'm twenty years old. I'm greek and I'm studying to get my degree in History and Archaelogy. I love watching tv and I have far too many favourite shows. I also love movies. Aaaaand I love my boybands, I was a HUGE Westlife fan, still am but not as obsessed ever since they split up. BTR and TW currently make my life difficult, especially that Logan dude from BTR, and that other one Nathan from The Wanted...



But when did Chilton become our baby?

Like I’m super glad he did but WHEN?

I think it’s because we already knew Mads and Hugh were super hot but then all of a sudden CLEAN SHAVEN RAUL and HELL FUCKING YEAH he’s hotter than fucking HADES and he sings and he has a fucking pimp cane and he believes Will and I GIVE UP.

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I broke my bones playing games with you
This type of fun it makes me blue

I itch all night, I itch for you
You’re just my type whats a boy to do

Years & Years - Real

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Let me get this straight

"Something I actually found really appealing about Ted is he’s a totally self-deprecating narrator. All Barney’s stories are, "This is how awesome I was" and "This is how awesome the night was," and Ted is like, "This is what a fool I made of myself," and "This is how I…

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I found you when I was on my knees…

I found you when I was on my knees…

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Can we consider that Ted has his own version of “The Robin?”

Here is how it goes:

Step 1: Tell your kids about how you met their mother. Secretly curving the story to your own liking and ultimately making you the good guy.

Step 2: Tell your kids about how bad of a person Barney is and introduce…

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So okay, last thing I’m posting about himym (cuz I decided to just delete this show from my memory) but I was browsing through the tag and it looks like the only people who liked the finale were Ted/Robin shippers. And I’m over here like ?????

Do they even care about what the finale did to Robin’s character? How much she was ruined? Do they care about this little, tiny fact called ‘Robin NEVER fucking wanted children’?? And now she has to be a step-mom? And don’t get me started on what they did to her career! Because any woman who wants to be successful in her chosen field HAS turn into a cold hearted person, and push her friends and husband out of her life, right? 

And really how, HOW can anyone be okay with all the crap tptb pulled in the last 40minutes of the show? Lily had ANOTHER baby? She couldn’t handle having one, and she ended up with three of them! What about her dream of being a painter? Or does that not count now that she’s a mother of three (!!!!) and Marshall gets the big family he always wanted? 

As for my poor baby girl Tracy McConnell she just deserved SO much better!! SO much better! She was everything, EVERYTHING Ted could’ve hoped for and more! She was literally perfect, and she was used in such a cruel way. It took her nine years to get over Max and finally allow herself to move on, and only six years for Ted to go back to his obsession for Robin. That creepy fucker didn’t deserve her, and Jesus are her kids some sick little assholes or what? Tracy deserved more, and so did Christin Millioti.

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